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World Sourcing Partners is a mix of U.S. and Chinese businessmen and women with a collective experience in excess of 25 years of sourcing varied products and components from a wide variety of manufacturers and industries on the mainland of China and Taiwan. All manufacturers and sub contractors are audited for capability, suitability, and all certificates for the desired processes and products. Our China based personnel regularly visit and tour our manufacturers.

WSP's focus is primarily for OEM's, Tier Manufactures, and Aftermarket Distributors in the United States. Primary products sourced by WSP are made from a range of steels, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, plastics, and various textile yarns.

WSP's longstanding manufacturing partners have excellent capabilities in a wide array of processes including casting, forging, stamping, cutting, turning, knurling, heat treatment, coarse and fine grinding, polishing, a wide array paints and coatings. Machining capabilities range from shafts as small as 1.994 mm diameter with a tolerance 0.0003 mm to castings of hundreds of pounds.

WSP will not deal with primary manufacturers if they, or their sub contractors, operate sweatshop environments. WSP will not work with factories that violate intellectual property rights.

Lanwmower Blade.Mower Blade.Rotary Blades