• How We Work

    We ensure that we understand exactly what you need for your product through reviewing drawings and samples with your people. We ensure that we understand your expectations for delivery times, packaging, and communication.

    If your product is manufactured by factories with which we have worked for several years, we present the drawing and/or sample to the management of our production base for review and to ensure that our factory is capable of producing exactly what you require and when you require it.

    If your product requires process capabilities that our current team of does not supply, we locate and perform a factory audit of the factories that are most capable of producing your product. See a sample FactoryAudit Report.

    Pricing is negotiated with the factory to arrive at a price in the range of your target.

    We produce a prototype or a first article and deliver to you for your inspection and acceptance. If changes are required, we make the necessary changes and produce a second prototype for your approval.

    When an order is received, we have WSP employees to monitor production for quality and production times. On large projects, WSP personnel will live in factory dormitories and monitor work and quality procedures to ensure that the product meets your expectations.

    We arrange all logistics through freight companies with which we have experience and confidence. The logistic process includes delivery to the port for shipping, ocean, freight, insurance, duties, and inland freight from the U.S. port to your factory dock. We monitor shipments movement daily through our Internet link with the freight forwarder.

    When the shipment arrives at your facility, we follow up with you to ensure that both product and service meet or exceed you expectations.

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